Mental Health

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I thought it was cute, but I had no idea how complicated it would be

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“Little girls are only cute and small to adults. To one another, they are not cute. They are life-sized.”

— Margaret Atwood

So we’re instituting Dad’s Weekend— while we’re still married

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Self image

If photo filters have you thinking you should see a plastic surgeon, you’ve got it backward

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I don’t take fashion advice from anyone, especially young people

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This is my middle-aged fashion manifesto.


Her Majesty’s late lament

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They only make one size, they appeal to suburban preteens, and their “you’ll never be us” marketing is dead on the money

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It’s mass-market fat stores and plus-size departments who can’t be bothered — let's take our fat money to people who deserve it

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Coco Joan

Fashion Industry Vet | Guerilla Feminist | She/her | Writing from experience—mine and everyone else’s | Refugee from the Deep South | At home In Philadelphia.

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